88 notes

In 1987 Prince was working on an album that would become know as The Black Album. The album was completed, promotional copies were circulated but a week before its release the album was withdrawn by the request of Prince. The Black Album was very dark in tone. The rumours are that Prince had a bad trip and became convinced that the album was evil. As a result Lovesexy was born. Recorded in less than a month and released in early 1988 it become know as Prince’s gospel album and deals with the struggle between good and evil.

There is so much to say about Lovesexy. Many stores in America refused to stock the album due to its cover art. When released on CD it was presented as one 45 minute track to encourage people to listen to it the way it was intended.

The first words spoken by Prince on the album, “the reason why my voice is so clear is there’s no smack in my brain” gives an indication that the rumours about The Black Album’s withdrawal were true.

Then begins the first track “Eye No” with the first lyrics being “I know there is a heaven, I know there is a hell. Listen to me people I’ve got a story to tell”, a big departure from anything on The Back Album. I love the way this song goes from “I Know” to “say no” and finally transitioning to “say yes”. This track is definitely a sermon and there is so much passion in it.

The musical interlude and transition between the tracks “Glam Slam” and “Anna Stesia” is one of my favourite parts of the album.

"Have you ever felt so lonely that you felt like you were the only one in this world? Have you ever wanted to play with someone so much you’d take anyone boy or girl?" - Anna Stesia

Side two contains the only remaining track from The Black album titled “When 2 R in Love”.

The album ends with a track called “Positivity” and a verse I will always remember when times are hard:

In every man’s life there will be a hang up
A whirlwind designed to slow you down
It cuts like a knife and tried to get in you
That spooky electric sound
Give up if you want to and all is lost
Spooky electric will be your boss…

This is so much more than an album to me and in my mind Prince’s greatest work.

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    Reblogging this thing I wrote 4 months ago because I’m able to listen to records again and I’ve just listened to this :)
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    Well, I still think Sign O the Times is, by far, his masterpiece, but I can agree with some of this. Anna Stesia is one...
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    Definitely a classic and one of the Kings best
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